Evolution of motorcycling where art and technology converge


In a league of its own, the Tarform transcends being a mere electric motorcycle; it’s a precision-crafted machine for those who share a rare appreciation for beauty and relentless pursuit for innovation.


Tarform is a product of thoughtful design and engineering from the ground up, utilizing the latest EV technology within our modular framework. Opting for refinement over feature clutter, we ensure a purer and more authentic riding experience.


In an era where technology is constantly evolving, our aim is to establish a sense of timeless elegance. Incorporating traditional craft with cutting-edge technology, we strive to find a balance between a classic icon and a vehicle of tomorrow.


We envision a future where technology and nature harmoniously coexist. Embracing new materials and sustainable methods, we strive to embody this vision in every aspect of our creations.

Crafted for a new generation of riders


To craft a truly unique machine, we make no compromises. Using the finest components from world-class suppliers is our commitment to excellence in every detail.

With deep pride, we’ve crafted a modern icon that has etched its place in history of motorcycling:

Lewis Hamilton on a Tarform for Wall Street Journal

It’s a statement of intent, a blueprint for the future.
– Jeff Goldblum, Disney+

Featured in The Motorcycle by Phaidon

Fast Company Honoree Award – Top Mobility Solutions

Tarform on display in Queenslands Gallery of Modern Art

What Tesla has done to bring zero-emissions transportation into the mainstream, Tarform hopes to do for zero waste, building electric motorcycles that are recyclable and made from natural materials.

new york times

“When I first saw the beautiful machines that electric motorbike company Tarform created my jaw dropped (and I’m not even into motorcycles).


Completely powered by electricity and designed to withstand fleeting trends, the Tarform could be the motorcycle of the future.

robb report

order tarform luna

from $28,000 / deliveries in 4-6 months


120 mph top speed
0-60 in 3.8 sec
100 miles range

The Tarform Luna was designed to be the perfect blend between agility and comfort. A machine that feels like an extension of your body. Handles intuitively, agile in corners and firmly planted on the highway.


designed, engineered, and built in Brooklyn

Each Luna is crafted to your specifications, offering a broad selection of customization choices in collaboration with a Tarform designer. The current production lead time ranges between 4 to 6 month’s. Prices start at $28,000.


The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you