Transforming the essence of riding. Elegance and power in an unmistakable form.

Elevating the art of motorcycle design

from $16,000 – deliveries begin in 2025


from $16,000 deliveries begin in 2025


85 mph+
0-60 mph in 3.5 sec
100 miles range

The Tarform Vera redefines versatility in electric motorcycles, boasting a design that’s as elegant as it is powerful, ensuring an exhilarating ride whether you’re navigating city streets or conquering muddy trails.

What Tesla has done to bring zero-emissions transportation into the mainstream, Tarform hopes to do for zero waste, building electric motorcycles that are recyclable and made from natural materials.

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“When I first saw the beautiful machines that electric motorbike company Tarform created my jaw dropped (and I’m not even into motorcycles).


Completely powered by electricity and designed to withstand fleeting trends, the Tarform could be the motorcycle of the future.

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Crafted for a new generation of riders



56″ Wheelbase
360 lbs Weight
31″ Seat Height


0-60mph in 3.5 Seconds
Top Speed – 85+mph
Peak Torque – 120ft-lb (160 Nm) ()
35-55 kW Air-cooled Electric Motor
Direct Belt Drive (No gears and no clutch)


100 Miles City Range
8 kWh Lithium ion Battery Pack
0-100% in 2h on Level 2 (220v or J1772)
0-100% in 4h on Level 1 (110v household outlet)


3.4″ Retina display with 4G connectivity
Over-the-air updates
Regenerative Braking
Brembo Brakes
Keyless Ignition

Rebellion is the relentless quest for beauty

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from $16,000 – deliveries begin in 2025


designed and engineered in brooklyn

– Expected deliveries begin in 2025.
– The showcased features, options, and designs are provisional and may be refined before final production.
– Prices are subject to change, with additional taxes and fees applicable depending on location.
– Range estimates are preliminary, based on EPA testing protocols, and should not be considered final EPA values.
– The actual performance of the vehicle will be influenced by the chosen options and trim, with acceleration times varying according to battery pack size, tires, drive modes, load, and weather conditions.