Luxury is being redefined. A search for novel experiences, responsible consumption, and an awakened sense of purpose are the driving forces of the emerging economy. 

Despite the marvels of today's technologies, our definition of progress needs to be redefined.  In the pursuit of infinite growth, companies are rushing to bring products to market that are engineered to fail, fueling mountains of waste.

Clean technology is not Clean consciousness

We need a new mindset. A new way to build vehicles of tomorrow, that doesn't harm the environment.

The challenges we face can not be solved purely with technology...

Our vision is to create  the most awe inspiring and intelligent machines that are constructed in a whole new way.

Vehicles that reawaken your  inner wild

Tarform is not just another EV startup.

We are developing a new framework on how to build machines of the future based on 3 core principles.

When something is crafted with integrity, it makes you more likely to fall in love with it, and we keep the things we love.  

Principle 1

Beauty is Essential  to Sustainability  

Our approach to modularity enables continuous upgradability of parts, leading to new revenue models and increased lifespans.   

Principle 2

Technology that evolves  

Using biotechnology and natures intelligence we are committed to eliminate waste and address the entire lifecycle of a vehicle.  

Principle 3

Harnessing Natures Intelligence  

Our first machine that expresses this design ethos is The Tarform Luna - an electric motorcycle that has already become a modern day icon.

We have hundreds of pre-orders, demonstrated exceptional product-market fit and are currently delivering our first series. 

We are entering a new phase in our evolution and are inviting investors who believe that beauty and technology can change the world.

Current investment opportunity

Round - $3M Min ticket size - $50k

Objective: Deliver 50 Tarform Lunas ($2M in revenue). Hire top talent and prepare for Series A round in 2024.

Once our production of the Tarform Luna is running smoothly, we will introduce our second vehicle - Tarform Raye. An all electric premium Jetski that will redefine EV watercrafts.

We welcome you to partake in our journey and create a brand that will redefine the way we move across all terrains.