2022 Review

Energy in Motion

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2022 was the year when belief, perseverance and dedication transformed into motion.  The first Luna's began rolling out of Brooklyn.

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The year began at CES in Las Vegas. 

Meanwhile,   LUNA # 2 was being assembled in Brooklyn

Test-rides are organized every Sunday and people are finally getting to ride the Tarform

I made a commitment to deliver all Founder Edition bikes in person, all over the US.

TechCrunch Electric Generation Review

LUNA #3 delivery to Los Angeles

Tarform featured on Disney+ The World According to Jeff Goldblum

Spending a day with Jeff Goldblum in Beverly Hills talking about pineapples. 

On February 15th,  I get an email from the CEO of Harley Davidson A call is arranged. 

Luna #4 delivery to Diplo in Malibu

We got invited to lead the Distinguished Gentlements Ride around New York

Princeton University is visiting Tarform

Collaboration with  One Hotel to support the Formula E race in Red Hook

Founder Edition Number 5 delivered to John Hoke -  Head of Design at NIKE

Hambrecht & Co invests $1M into Tarform.

"Hambrecht is also credited as one of the first major investment bankers to recognize the value of technology and biotech companies, helping to take Apple Computer, Genentech and Adobe Systems public”

While the assembly continues in Brooklyn,  we embark on a month-long road trip across California. 

Demo event and test rides at Soho Malibu House

Autoweek review: “Sustainable materials, a hand-built production process, and genuine character sets Tarform far apart from its competition.”

Luna # 6 delivered to Charleston, NC

MUSE Design Awards Gold and Platinum Winner

One of our reels goes viral with over 8 million views

Collaboration with luxury automotive dealerships at Carweek in Monterey

Wherever we went, we received a warming welcome and enthusiasm from our community and fans across America

It's not just about building electric motorcycles.  Our mission is to bring awareness to systems of production that no longer serve us. 

We got invited to speak in front of 200 representatives during a UNDP Conference at the UN headquarters in New York

The topic was "how beauty is essential to sustainability"

Assembly improvements Assembly time has decreased from 21 days to 14 days per build.  Continuous improvement around fixtures, tooling setup and testing procedures is getting us closer to the target of 7 days per build in 2023.

Thank you all for your continued belief, guidance and support.  I am grateful that you are part of our journey. It's been a lifetime, yet we are only beginning.  Happy New Year.  /Taras

Everything is created twice.  First in the mind, then in reality.  - Robin S. Sharma