The Tarform Electric Motorcycle is engineered to provide the optimal balance of high performance, superb handling and unparalleled build quality. Using industry 4.0 manufacturing and modular architecture, we are redefining how vehicles are made.

The Tarform has a direct drive system which means there is no gearbox and no shifter. The concentric swingarm allows for even belt tension with more responsiveness. The progressive suspension with a linkage arm provides a smooth ride for the passenger.

sound of energy

Giving a character to an inherently silent machine was a big undertaking. We solved it by amplifying the electromagnetic waves from the motor and created something unheard of in electric vehicles.



59″ Wheelbase
25° Rake
440lbs Weight
32″ Seat Height


0-60 in 3.8 Seconds
Top Speed – 120mph
Peak Torque – 120ft-lb (160 Nm)
55 kW (75hp) Air-cooled Electric Motor
Direct Belt Drive (No gears and no clutch)


100 Miles City Range
11.2 kWh Lithium ion Battery Pack
3.3 kW on-board charger
0-100% in 2h on Level 2 (220v or J1772)
0-100% in 4h on Level 1 (110v household outlet)


3.4″ Retina display with 4G connectivity
Over-the-air updates
Regenerative Braking
Ohlins Suspension
ISR Billet 6 caliper dual brakes
Modular Powertrain
Keyless Ignition
Progressive Suspension
Over 200+ Custom designed components

We use state of the art suspension and brakes. Öhlins is the number 1 manufacturer of suspension and provides the most responsive and finely tuned ride. The billet aluminum ISR 6-piston caliper offers a top of the class power to weight ratio with incredible feel and stopping power.

The instant conversion of energy into motion from 0-60 in 3.8 seconds. The electric motor motor delivers a euphoric 120ft-lb of torque at the rear wheel. Top speed of 120mph. Gearing ratio can be customized for higher top speed or quicker acceleration.

We have developed our own proprietary Tarform 
Operating System that enables over-the-air updates, machine learning and sensor technology for predictive maintenance, 
battery health and ride statistics.

The on-board vehicle control unit enables the user to see live status around the health of the vehicle and is connected to our cloud based service. Our software has the ability to monitor every data point and is used for continuous improvement of the powertrain and riding experience.

The drivetrain in an regular internal combustion motorcycle contains 2,000+ moving parts. The drivetrain in a Tarform around 20. No oil changes and minimal maintanance.

designed, engineered and assembled in Brooklyn

We value the process of making things with integrity and believe local manufacturing plays an important role in shaping our cities and communities. Our space is located at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, a historical area that has become the center for manufacturing and innovation in New York City.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”
– Alan Kay