Tarform operates at the intersection of beauty, technology and ecology. Our vision is to reinvent the way we move by developing awe inspiring, sustainable, and technologically advanced vehicles that make mobility exhilarating and soulful.

/Taras Kravtchouk, Founder and Head of Design

The technological revolution has put on us a path toward efficiency, mass production and standardization. In our search for more, quality is eroding and objects are brought into existence with shorter lifespans, engineered to fail. Craftsmanship has been replaced with scaleability. We are disconnected from the things we make and how they make us feel.

The future does not have to become a dark dystopian novel. There is a way to find harmony between technology and nature. A deeper level of appreciation of the things we surround ourselves with. Moving away from endless consumerism and throwaway culture to something that has meaning and value.

Tarform is Swedish for ‘taking form’. It reflects our philosophy of continuous evolution – that there is no arrival, no end state. Everything is in constant motion, exploration and refinement.

Our Purpose is to craft machines that spark a sense of wonder and reawaken our inner wild.

Our Values

Beauty is Essential to Sustainabilty

When something is beautiful, it makes you more likely to fall in love with it – and we take care of and keep the things we love.

about beauty

Technology – Built to Evolve

Because technology progresses daily, the only way to build something long-lasting is by embracing change and creating new systems. This is reflected in our approach to modularity, new manufacturing methods and biotechnology.


Ecology – Natures Intelligence

Guided by natures intelligence and the movement of energy, our quest is to observe the way nature operates and bridge the gap between beauty and technology.

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Our commitment is simply to make the best machines we can, in a responsible way that delivers an unforgettable experience.

Created by a group of passionate and dedicated builders who play in the fields of industrial design, electrical and mechanical engineering, biotechnology, art and science. We honor our work and put pride into every Tarform that we build.

for those who ride, it is a way of life

We are in love with these machines because they transport us to places beyond the physical. Allowing our spirit to come fully alive.