We set out to create a machine unlike anything else.
A new breed of electric motorcycles that honor the spirit of craftsmanship and embodies state of the art technology. The result is a vehicle that connects you closer to the riding experience by elevating all of the senses.

what it means
to move

Tarform operates at the intersection of art, technology and ecology. Our vision is to reinvent the way we move by developing awe inspiring, sustainable, and technologically advanced vehicles that make mobility exhilarating and soulful.



The Luna comes in two slightly different expressions, the Scrambler and the Racer. Sharing the same platform and powertrain, the Scrambler has a classic headlight, spoked wheels and knobby tires for all terrains.

LUNA racer

Neutral stance with the acceleration of a sport bike and nimble handling of street roadster. The Luna Racer is a revival of the classic Cafe Racer style from the 70’s.

120 mph top speed
0-60 in 3.8 sec
100 miles range

The Tarform Luna was designed to be the perfect blend between agility and comfort. A bike that feels like an extension of your body. Handles intuitively, agile in corners and firmly planted on the highway.


designed, engineered and built in Brooklyn

the making of


design ethos

luna founder edition
limited 54

After 6 years of development, our first 54 machines are being built. Each Tarform Founder Edition is made one by one at our HQ in Brooklyn. This a truly bespoke custom electric motorcycle that is becoming a modern day icon. The Luna has been on display at the Petersen Museum, The Barber Collection and Museum and The Gallery of Modern Art. Starts at $54,000.

delivering now

luna bespoke

Based on our Founder Edition series, the Luna Bespoke Edition offers similar customization options but is not part of the limited edition. Öhlins suspension, ISR brakes, custom made bodywork and seat are amongst some of the options. Each Luna ismade to order.
500$ refundable deposit to reserve. Starts at $44,000.