the seed of potential

An infinite number of ways that potential can express itself

Seeds have an ability to lie dormant for a long time. This is a process that have evolved over millions of years that prevents seeds from germinating due to unsuitable ecological conditions.

Silene stenophylla is a species of a flowering plant that lied buried in the Siberian permafrost for 32,000 years. After a process of regeneration, the plant sprouted.

Our modern age is defined by immediacy, comfort, and infinite progress.
 Anything we can imagine appears instantaneously at our door in a smiling cardboard box.
 Our cars are soon to be driverless and our devices suggest who we should meet. 

We strive to automate our lives in pursuit of further comfort. Willingly or unwillingly, we are collectively building an aimless daydream. Perhaps one day, machines will do the work for us and our limited electrical impulses can be outsourced to quantum intelligence.

At times, however, we are reminded of a subconscious longing for something greater. A strange sense of familiarity and a surge of excitement that strikes whenever we go beyond our comfort zones.

It is that seed that lies dormant within each of us calling to the infinite potential which extends far beyond ourselves and is waiting to be reawakened. A forgotten memory of our inner wild.

I grew up doing martial arts – a lifelong dedication to a field where repeating the same thing over and over breeds a mindset of intense discipline. Through this practice, I learned to enjoy the small tasks that appear pointless but are the exact things that push you far beyond your previous capabilities, into the field of unknown, pure potential.

Ambition is not enough, it is in action that magic reveals itself.

The catalyst for the germination of our potential is a carefully mixed potion of ambition, determination and discipline. Determination is an important element, but it doesn’t win the race, skill and practice do. Ambition is not enough, it is in action that magic reveals itself. It is the raw power of discipline to keep doing the same thing endlessly without any initial results that leads to extraordinary discovery.

It is the pursuit of mastery, the strive for excellence, to go above and beyond your limit, that has shaped civilizations. We are now at an important junction point in our current civilization where we have to make a decision. What direction will we drive in, and how do we choose to direct the growth of our infinite potential. It is not enough to pursue material success and comfort.

The time has come to put the force of determination towards something good and align our actions with our values.Our commitment is to craft innovative machines, and to do so by respecting our environment and giving back to the planet.

Pick your challenge and do everything you can to solve it. Use this potential as fuel. No matter how small or big the decision and the gravity of your action, it is the direction and intention that matters. Learn how to build upon progress with small steps and those seemingly small steps will suddenly create big ripples, for generations to come.