Raye waterjet

While we are fulfilling the deliveries of the bespoke Tarform Luna motorcycle, we are excited to unveil the concept design of our second vehicle – The Tarform Raye, an all-electric watercraft.


The inspiration behind the Tarform Raye comes from the manta ray.
This ethereal creature is one of the oceans most intelligent lifeforms.
For over 120 million years the manta ray has been gliding effortlessly in the silent oceanic world.Its graceful movements and unique body structure with high propulsive efficiency inspired the design of the Tarform Raye.

an exploration of biomorphic design and technology

Translating the experience of an electric motorcycle onto the water was the most natural extension to our vehicle lineup. The Tarform Raye is an electric jet ski that combines biomorphic design, plant-based materials, and modular technology.

The intention is to create a lightweight watercraft that would provide the feeling of riding an electric motorcycle on the water, combining high performance and superb handling.

a new breed of electric passion machines

The Raye will share the same technology from the Tarform Luna with over-the-air updates, machine learning, and sensor technology fora seamless and connected experience.

The target top speed will be around 50mph, with instant torque and acceleration via an electric waterjet propulsion.The model will come in 2 different power and range configurations with power output from 70-120hp, and 1-2h of range.

The bodywork will be available in recycled carbon fiber or Tarform´s proprietary plant-based composite.The target price will start at $68,000 for a bespoke model with a set of unique personal touches.

If you are interested in following the development and becoming an owner, express your interest here. Tarform Raye is currently in the conceptual and design stage, all visual appearance and specifications are subject to change. No launch date for production has yet been set.


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