As makers of physical objects, it is our duty to build our vehicles in the most responsible way possible. Using biotechnology and natures intelligence we are committed to eliminate waste and design regenerative machines.

We developed a new bio based composite that eliminates toxic materials and minimize waste. The largest panel on the motorcycle is made out of flaxseed weave, biobased resin, and algae carbon as a pigment.

Addressing the entire lifecycle of our vehicles can have the greatest impact on our ecological footprint. We have to be more mindful of where our materials come from and what happens to them end of life.

The result is a plant-based composite that is recyclable and biodegradable

The next frontier in sustainable design is combining biology with technology. Integrating natures intelligence into the material world is key step towards a regenerative economy.

We are incorporating plantbased materials derived from cactus, apple and other biodegradable alternatives.

our mission is to build world’s most sustainable vehicles without compromise