Tarform’s aesthetics is an exploration of seemingly unrelated fields of art, ecology and technology. Guided by natures intelligence and the movement of energy, our quest is to bridge the gap between beauty and technology.

the inspiration behind the tarform aesthetics are billions of years old

Nature expresses itself in structures, shapes, and patterns everywhere, from flowers and hurricanes to galaxies – a code or an algorithm that defines form and energy in motion. The design of the Tarform conveys some of these elements.

The user interface is designed to highlight the most essential information and usability in mind. One multidirectional button controls the entire interface without letting go of the handlebars.

We designed the exterior of the Tarform to flow seamlessly between components. A delicate balance between ergonomics, materials, and finishes gives the motorcycle its unmistakable presence. The result is an aerodynamic and balanced form.

capturing the essence of energy and the flow of nature

The intention behind the design of the Tarform key is to feel natural and calming in your hand. The exterior is made out of 3d printed brass.

The Fibonacci sequence is often perceived as a mystical code. However, these magic numbers play a functional role in how plants and many other lifeforms – ensure they grow in the most efficient way possible. This arrangement maximizes the space of each leaf. The perfect interconnection between beauty and functionality.

The aluminum bodywork is crafted using a century old metalshaping technique. Each piece is made one by one and takes an artist over 40h to shape.

Even the most minor things deserve attention. The logotype is made of individual letters that are 3d printed and then mounted onto the bodywork one by one.

After 6 years of development, the Tarform Luna Bespoke Edition is now being built at our HQ in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. If you are interested in becoming an owner, please submit a reservation.


If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

– Nikola Tesla